Carpets buying and maintenance guide

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While purchasing industrial carpets, many factors are important to be considered. These factors are; density(full or hollow ), the elegance of designs and visuals, colors and other quality indicators like lint-free, glossiness and lack of sensitization. Like any other tools we are using at home or at work, carpet also needs maintenance. Because the right and standard care and maintenance will lead to a longer life. Therefore, followings are the key points for better maintenance, cleaning, drying and erasing stains from the carpet.  

Carpet maintenance guide:

  1. Tiling the carpet every 2-3 months for the smoothness of all parts of the carpet.
  2. No use of wet and damp objects on the surface of the carpet in order to prevent the carpet from rotting.
  3. No use of rotary brushes.
  4. No direct contact with intense sunlight
  5. Use of hand or vacuum cleaner with the normal round to clean the carpet.
  6. No contact of sharp pointed or heavy objects such as desk, furniture, bed, and TV with the carpet surface.
  7. Using thick pieces of cardboard or wood under the foot-bases of heavy objects.
  8. Using lace grids made from PVC or sponge liners to prevent the carpet from moving over the stones. The size of the liners should be less than the dimensions of the carpet.
  9. No use of the carpet on uneven, rocky or cement surfaces to prevent carpet holes.
  10. No direct contact between carpet and cement or dusty surfaces. Also for better protection, thin cardboards as an accessory are useful.

Carpets Washing Guide

For washing carpet use detergents such as liquid soap, dishwashing liquid, and washing powder. In this method, washing powder or dishwashing liquid should be dissolved in water. Then use the suds to clean the carpet. The following are also suggested:
  1. If you are using any of carpet washing services, make sure to choose the right washing company in order to prevent carpet damages.
  2. Rinse the carpet only with soap suds or the suds made from the dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water. Avoid any whitening stuff, such as Sodium hypochlorite, acid detergents or alkaline stuff like any carpet shampoo that washes the color of the carpet.
  3. Avoid tiling, and only roll the carpet.
  4. After washing the carpet with water, hang or spread it out in a slope place. Spread the carpet uniformly so that it does not wrinkle anywhere.
  5. After washing silk-like carpets, be sure to use steam on it.

Removing stains from the carpet

  • Chewing gum: 1- Put the ice on the gum, wax or candle (for 4 to 5 minutes). 2- Remove the gum wax or candle using a small knife or something similar.
  • Ink stains: Spread the yogurt onto ink stains for 2 to 3 minutes (repeat 2-3 time) and then clean the stain as instructed above.
  • Juice/Tea/Milk/Chocolate or Coffee: Use semi-warm water with soap as described above.
  • Syrup/Sweet Tea: Wash sweetened liquids with warm water and soap according to the above instructions. (Remaining sweet liquids on the carpet will lead to faster decay in the carpet).
  • Lipid and oil: erasing the oil from the surface of the carpet with a small blade. 2- Cleaning the oil or lipid with soap suds as described above.
  • Soot: Spread the salt onto stains on the carpet than clean it with a vacuum cleaner after 90 minutes and then rinse the carpet as described above.
  • Lacquer and Gouache: fill a piece of fabric with thinner and rub over the spots and stains then rinse the area with soap suds as described above.
  • Liquid glue: soaking a fabric with thinner and rub over the stains then washing the area with suds as described above

Drying the carpet:

  1. Avoid hanging or flatting the carpet on the grass, or putting under the intense sunlight. Also using direct heat from heating systems, such as fireplace heaters, radiators, etc., can damage the carpet.
  2. To dry a mild part of a carpet, use a foam, a towel or cotton cloth to collect the water and then put it under the normal sunlight or dry it with a gentle warm hair dryer from the both side of the carpet.
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